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Recruitment Process

Please apply via the UCAS website.  Search for St Patrick's Catholic Primary School (our Lead school), or our course code 2A4.


Your application should demonstrate that you possess:

• The skills to support the Catholic ethos of our schools and the education of the children

• A desire to teach and work with children

• Effective communication skills

• A commitment to work hard on the course

• Determination to succeed

• A readiness to listen and share

• A flexible approach to learning and teaching


How We Select Our Trainees

Interview process

If we invite you for interview and assessment, it will involve a formal interview, an interactive session with a group of pupils and skills tests ( maths, SPAG and writing).
The interview will be conducted by a panel of headteachers and possibly a University colleague. We will explore your motivations for wanting to teach and your understanding of what the career involves.
We want to see how you interact with children so we will ask you to work with a small group of pupils on a provided task. You will be given information regarding the selected task with your interview offer.
The WCPSD skills tests are  in addition to the professional skills tests and will test your use of standard English, Maths,  grammar and spelling.
Our interview and assessment process is rigorous but fair. It provides quality candidates with the opportunity to demonstrate the range of skills and attributes which are essential to succeed on our programme.

For more information
If you require any further information about our programme before applying, please contact our office.

Tel: 01942 776 911

28th June 2017

Recruitment update - Last few places remaining.

Our recruitment campaign this year has proven to be very successful. We currently have only 4 places remaining for training this year. Please make your application as soon as possible through UCAS, provider code 2A4 and course code 2XT7.

23rd March 2017

WCPSD Jobs Fair

WCPSD students exhibit their teaching talents to prospective employers within the Archdiocese.

1st March 2017

Skills Tests

We have advised our 2017 cohort to have their skills tests completed by 14th July 2017. We advise that any further candidates that may be on a standby list that they also adhere to this as well as all conditions set by Liverpool Hope need to be met prior to start of course.