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Once you are accepted onto the programme, our School Direct Lead professional Lisa Hobden and administrator Dianne Holcroft will be your first point of contact for any queries or concerns you may have.

You will be welcome to visit our schools (subject to your existing commitments) and at the end of the summer term, prior to your start in September, we ask that you are available to spend 2 days in your placement school to familiarise yourself with the school, it's staff and policies.  At the end of August we will then invite you to a 2 day initial induction, where you'll be provided with further course information and advice.

When term starts in September you will get the opportunity to meet staff from across our partnership as well as a personalised induction to your home school.

23rd March 2017

WCPSD Jobs Fair

WCPSD students exhibit their teaching talents to prospective employers within the Archdiocese.

1st March 2017

Skills Tests

We have advised our 2017 cohort to have their skills tests completed by 14th July 2017. We advise that any further candidates that may be on a standby list that they also adhere to this as well as all conditions set by Liverpool Hope need to be met prior to start of course.

1st March 2017

Recruitment update - We have 2 further places available,.

We have been advised that we are allowed to recruit a further 2 candidates even though we are currently at full capacity (until we are awarded further training places from the NCTL). If you are wanting to train with us we advise that you contact us by email, expressing your interest. We are in the process of trying to secure further places for our September 2017 cohort.