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E.Y.F.S. with Gill Mailey

29th September 2017 09:00am

Session focusing on E.Y.F.S. with Gill Mailey (EY lead at St Patrick's Wigan) ? Look at the areas of learning/EYFS curriculum ? Explore the theory behind the Pedagogy of EYFS. How do young children learn? ? How is an early year?s classroom set up/how is it different? What is different to KS1/KS2 classroom? ? Progression through the ages/ stages.


R.E 1 - Come and See - Planning and differentiation

28th September 2017 09:00am

All R.E. sessions will be delivered by Pat Peel from the archdiocese of Liverpool. This session provides an overview of the come and see curriculum. Focus will be placed on a unit of learning. The teacher's information page and planning formats will be explored along with an in-depth exploration of differentiation of R.E. and resources.


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